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How Buzzwords Mask Magic: A Short List of Trendy Terms


Here are a few phrases that probably sound very familiar to you if you’re interested in digital health as a marketer or a communicator. I’ve spent this week at a conference, where I listened a lot. Not only to a lot of brilliant leaders, but also to many people who were clearly still learning. And it got me thinking about what the current table stakes are. What are the concepts we’re talking about – or the ones we hope people are talking about?

A “words of the year” short list:

You’ve probably heard Arthur C. Clarke’s third law, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”


Harry Potter would feel right at home, wouldn’t he? Some of it still feels startling, and some of it isn’t even widely available yet. But we already take plenty of this tech for granted. It’s already seamlessly integrated itself into our everyday. We adapt very rapidly to tech – at least, tech that does its job well.

If you’re not familiar with all of these terms, here’s your primer: a quick and dirty explanation of each (not alphabetical in order to keep them organized more by concept):

If you’d add or subtract or edit any of my list, let me know. But you’ll notice that this is a list of primarily tech-related terms. This isn’t all that we should be thinking about.

Ideas like content marketing and storytelling, concepts like empathy and humanity – those are on another short list for me.

That’s the list of reasons why all this tech matters.

I love all of this – the nerdy and the emotional, the tech and the narrative. I love the interplay. I love seeing how it’s put into practice and seeing it done right. I love putting it into practice and doing it right.

So perhaps this is really, at the end of the day, simply a list of stuff that’s exciting to me.


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