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No “Hats of Meat” links this time, I promise. Instead… what?

Perhaps some as-unadulterated-as-I-can contentedness with my lot in life. Although it makes me very superstitiously uneasy to do so, I’m really kind of cool with my shit. No, I don’t have a nice permanent job. But, it doesn’t appear that I’m going to be on the dole anytime soon, either. And, I’m actually supposed to pawn off the boring work onto New Girl, and get more interesting projects for me me me, and that’s pretty cool. Yes, both I and the throbbing vein in my temple believe it is high time I move out and finally, finally get a place of my own. But I will do that as soon as I decide it is the Project du jour, and until then, free rent, electric, gas, water, parking, cable, phone and food is at hand. Grad School Prof has issues with my research paper. But I’ll deal with him and wow him with my geniosity. Or, I’ll kill him. I’m going to be 25 in a week and a half. But that is okay. I’m going to have a great time dancing my tuchus off to the music of The Boy and hanging out with people I am quite fond of.

(Of which I am quite fond?) You can make an English geek content, but you can’t make her put up with improper grammar. Happy rainy weekend of errands to all. Five days of snowbound Nintendo really did get monotonous last weekend, believe it or not.


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