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Fun with Google. You can find the most interesting things. Conversely, you can also find stuff like this. It all depends. Who are these people, and what tenuous connection do I have to them?

Derek, is that a bald spot? (I lived with his best friend illegally, circa 2000.)

Joe wakeboards in Dallas and works for Lockheed Martin. (We were chubby fourth graders, circa 1988.)

Beth has a far more meaningful job than I probably ever will. (Unlike me, she passed after-school Latin, circa 1992.)

Nikkol had a radio show at Kean. (We were dice for Halloween, circa 1989.)

Jennie won all kinds of 4-H sewing prizes. (I was the first person to braid her hair, circa 1993.)

Is this a heartwarming check in on people I haven’t thought about in years? Definitely. (Well, except for Derek. I saw him last week. But you know what I mean.) But, on the flip side, is it also a little bit freaky to realize that I can find out all kinds of random stuff about people with whom I’ve had no contact in years? Definitely. Use these powers for good, grasshoppers.


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