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I have had since Wednesday off. I’d call it “vacation,” but that calls up images of travels and plans and organized itineraries. None of that here. I’ve done nothing, and it’s been exquisite. Doing nothing does not really mean doing nothing, though, which to my mind is the only kind of doing nothing… I get very bored when I am actually and truly doing NOTHING. This week’s doing nothing involved interesting nothings.

Like tying barbecue aprons around my feet for warmth at a Yankee game. Baseball game Memorial Day weekend… good in theory, not so good in execution.

Got my shop on at the unearthly large Garden State Plaza Mall. In which, incidentally, is it the new trend to wear pants with legs of two different lengths? Not scootching one leg of your elastic-ankle pants up one calf. Having bootleg jeans in which one bootleg ends at your ankle and the other bootleg ends at your knee. Am I so old that I’m appaled by youth fashion? Has it been THAT long since I’ve seen the inside of a Wet Seal? Possibly. In passing, how icky would it be to actually see the inside of a wet seal? I digress.

Spent 45 minutes at Blockbuster with three eleven-year-old girls. Not recommended; enough said.

FINALLY got to Halcyon. Love it. Like bars, like lounges, like coffee houses, tolerate record shops, like antique stores: love Halcyon.

Spent a really terrific day with The Boy, an old friend, and a total stranger, eating, wandering, watching The Matrix Reloaded, fighting over The Matrix Reloaded, eating some more, and wandering some more.

Dropped in uninvited at friend’s parents’ house and had a lovely evening there.

Finally (cf. Halcyon) saw De La Guarda and wow, if that’s what it’s like to do drugs, then I’m glad I don’t, because my hair would just be frizzy all the time and I’d always have a sore neck. My skin would be lovely moisturized tho. If you haven’t seen it, you should, and I can’t explain it much more than that, other than to say that my question of the day from Sunday – what would you do if money and talent were not an issue? – has been answered. I would be a person in De La Guarda.

Today I rocked the nail salon and visited the aunts, who I love very dearly and who return the favor but have several endearing but bewildering habits, not the least of which is all talking at once, in different conversations, about people you’ve never met, who are all Irish, and in some way distant relatives, involved in all kinds of complicated narratives, which often offer TMI. I missed them.

Tomorrow? Some present-buying. Shut up with all your New Jersey two malls in one week snidery. And Arc for dancing in sneakers to Danny. Yay!


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