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Things I can’t do; things I used to do; things I do.

I can’t speak Spanish. I can’t belly dance. I can’t dance like Mya did in the desert. I can’t drive stick. I can’t horseback ride. I can’t dive. I can’t sing in tune. I can’t make paper cranes, friendship bracelets or fried chicken. I can’t lay brick.

And. I can’t decline a noun in Latin anymore. Or dream in French. Or sing in American Sign Language. Or cartwheel on a balance beam. Or play Scott Joplin. Or do 25 pushups.

But. I can assemble furniture. I can write. I can dissemble. I can draw in pencil. I can paint in oils. I can curse in Gaelic, American Sign Language, Italian and French. I can do a backbend. I can paint a room. And I can go anywhere at any time and love it.

So. That’s what I’m doing Thursday morning.

(And maybe those others will come with time.)


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