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Weather Complaints

…but not like that.

Seriously, people, I’ve had it. What is the problem?

Everywhere I go I hear people complaining about the weather in the Northeast this month. Even the people giving the forecasts are all dire and editorial about it. “Miserable” and “awful” and “uncooperative” and etc. etc. etc.

Where are you people living?

It’s glorious. It’s comfortable. I haven’t shut my windows all the way in three months. The days are long and the breeze is lovely and everything is deliciously, lusciously green. It’s gorgeous sleeping weather. And yes, it’s rained. Which has been lovely. I love the sound of rain, I love that it makes my hair bounce up, I love that I’m not all parched or oily. I love it.

And I want to know what it is that you’re missing so bad. Stifling, humid clouds of stagnant air? Yellowed grass? Giant air conditioning bills? Sweating every time you walk outside?

Sharon puts it (as usual) ever so much more nicely than I do, pointing out the importance of how we use words – to describe the weather, or anything else.

But all I have to say is that the next person to complain about the weather is getting a talking to.


Neil Crump

Hey Sarah

Make sure that you avoid all Brits over the next few days – they are bound to say something about the weather. We are obsessed with it.

We are having a great summer so far ;+)



My thoughts exactly. I’m sick of the deluge of complaints. The only person with any right to complain is my wife. When you’re home with a one year old and three year old in a tiny house during the workweek, you kind of look forward to June, when you can just let em loose in the park or yard all day and put your feet up a bit. So my wife gets a pass. Everyone else deserves a snowball down their back.

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