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Curly Control

Anyone who has curly hair will understand this, and anyone who doesn’t won’t.

What my hair looks like is not really up to me.

A plan only goes so far. Curly hair decides how it wants to react. This keeps life interesting, but it makes special occasions challenging. (So one of the basic parts of who I am is out of my control. No wonder I can be a control freak! Aha! A rationale!)

Anyway, what makes it harder is that most people – including stylists and product developers – are convinced that curly hair is thick and needs slathering with product and drama. You really can’t trust the labels and ads. But thanks to decades of trial and error and Naturally Curly – which anybody curly should visit immediately, especially Curltalk – I have finally learned a lot about my hair. I’ve got fine, 2B, protein-averse curls. My hair is fine, so it gets frizzy and weighed down by too much product, and it gets pulled straight by too much fussing.

I use my own version of the Curly Girl method, and while this seems really self-indulgent (I’ve been a blogger nearly 10 years, you’d think I’d have come to terms with self-indulgent by now) enough people ask me about it to make me share it here. So here goes:

And in general:



Thanks, Sarah!! I’ve never been to but am pretty positive my hair is somewhere between 2 and 3. My only hard set rule is NO combing or brushing, just finger-combing and conditioner if necessary.

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