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Time to Think

These days, sitting still has become a decadent luxury.

Being quiet has become a challenge that’s physically difficult to pull off. Where can you go to be quiet? If you do find a place, can you actually make yourself sit still?

Busy has become a normal state of being. Being very busy has become a badge of honor. If you’re not busy, you probably shouldn’t admit it. It’s slightly shameful, suggestive of not having a very meaningful or grown-up life.

I don’t like this world. Not like this. 

I want to read a book or go for a walk or have a conversation without feeling guilty that I’m not doing something else.

I want to have days on the calendar with big gaping blank spots in them. Not just holidays. Normal days.

I want time to let serendipity happen. Time to sit and think.

I want time to think. 

Even monkeys know it’s important.

Where did that go? Who decided that it doesn’t matter anymore?

I think it does.



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